The Beginnings of the Become Organic Salon

November 29, 2016
Marty Landau


In 2008, I was working one day and got a call that my daddy had had a stroke, so I immediately went to the hospital and spent the first three nights there with him. And the very first night they made a mistake. They came in to give him a shot and I questioned what it was. The woman argued with me but I knew there was nothing that he was supposed to have at that time. It ended up being somebody next to him that it belonged to. So I immediately thought, wow, they need me to be here. So I decided, okay, I’m going to sell my business and take care of my parents.

They were in their mid-80s at the time. It was an easier life for them in Florida than being in Ohio, so we all moved down to Florida. I couldn’t stand Florida (at the time), but I knew I had to figure out this situation. I knew that going down the medical route with my dad, and every time something was wrong they gave him another medication, I knew that wasn’t the answer. It was really hard to figure out what to do and I felt really incapable. I needed to figure out how to keep them healthy and safe. Somebody said, “Have you ever heard Brian Clement speak? He’s at the Marriott on Okeechobee.” I didn’t know anything about Hippocrates. I went and heard Brian speak about the health educator program. It sounded like exactly what I needed.

My parents were organic farmers in Ohio, so they knew medicine was not the answer for them. They were very resistant to it. But I didn’t know what else to do with them, so I kind of had to listen to the doctors and I didn’t want to do that. I thought, I have to do this health ed program. I saved my money and the next year I came and did it. I moved my parents right next door. I did the program for 9 weeks and the day I graduated they offered me a position in guest services. I thought, okay, I’m not in the beauty field any more. I’m in health ed. I’m just going to go with this. And so I started working at guest services and did that for a year. But I wasn’t using my skills in the beauty field.

I had done all of my training in my 20s. I had been in Paris with my mentor Jacques Dessange. He was a really important piece for me because he was so passionate about what he did. He was the one who created the curling iron. He was an amazing mentor so I got more and more turned on to my own field because of his passion. So I thought, here I am, with all these skills. Although guest services was beautiful because I got to meet everyone, I had more to offer than that. I felt there was a missing piece here. People were learning how to heal on the inside, but the outside wasn’t any different. So I took a business plan to Anna Maria
. She said she’d share it with Brian. I thought, he’s so busy it will take months. The next day he said, “The proposal is on my desk and I want to talk about this right now We need to have this.”

The first thing I said is we need the best and cleanest shampoo and conditioner. So I ordered and tried 12 different organic shampoos and conditioners. I didn’t want one for curly hair and one for straight hair and one for coarse hair and one for colored hair. I wanted something that was capable of working for everyone. I couldn’t find that. So I went to Anna and said, “We really need to formulate our own.” She said great. Let’s do it. She was all about making it nourishing and I was all about making it work. It took us about 18 months to come up with the right formulation. It’s made from vinegar and seaweed, which do all kinds of great things together. The vinegar is strengthening for the hair and the seaweed is nourishing for the body.

So that’s my journey that has brought you the Become line of products and this wonderful soon-to-be-expanded salon at Hippocrates Health Institute.

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