Tallulah’s Debut

April 26, 2016
Marty Landau

Hi my name is Tallulah,

I work at Hippocrates Become Organic Salon.

I am the Salon Coordinator for “Affection Services”.

I must confess that my job training didn’t take very long or require many advanced degrees.

You see, I have a natural talent for promoting relaxation and self-care.

Some people here on campus call me the Director of Love…

Well everyone is made from love but sometimes they forget that, it’s my job to remind them.

As an expert on Affection, I can tell you that what I do here is incredibly vital – and I have proof! It even affects your vital signs! Just a little time with me and your blood pressure and heart rate will begin to stabilize.

I love what I do everyday. I get to sit on laps, play with my toys with both staff and guests, how cool is that!

I get a chance to show them how much I love, respect, and trust them.

Let me give you a little peek at where I work.

You can see me each week on Tuesdays, I’m so popular they actually gave me one day a week to share with you.

Thought for the day:

God couldn’t be with us physically so he gave us dogs as a reminder of unconditional love.  GOD… DOG

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