Tallulah Takes Manhattan

May 10, 2016
Marty Landau

I have to tell you about my weekend. I’ve never smelled so many different scents both good and not so good. What an adventure. First we flew through the air to New York City. My mom drove a car into the city where we walked our legs off (all 4).

My Mom, Rima and Beth were on a mission to find the best Vegan restaurant in the City so we walked from 44th street up 5th avenue to 79th to find “Candle 79.”  They felt sorry for me so they bought me a yummy burger. They had an Organic Mushroom Crepe with Arugula Salad that they absolutely loved and have been raving about ever since.

On the way we saw so many nice trendy people (who loved my Tiffany harness)

I met police officers on horses and even Mini Mouse



I checked out the shoes and tried some beautiful accessories.



Oh, we met some strange people too in a place called Time Square; for example there was a friendly cowboy with no clothes on.


There were so many people my mom, Beth and Rima had to carry me everywhere.


NEXT WEEK I get to tell you all about leaving the city; it was awesome there was grass everywhere!!!!


The people there were so friendly and busy with jugs of all kinds of cool stuff like seaweed, essential oils, laminaria oil.

Stay Tuned Next Week For What I Find Out That You Should Know. Have a great week until then keep your tails up.

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Great to see New York through Tallulah’s eyes. Let’s start planning another trip!


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