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Not all minerals are created equal. The Minerals in this unique line of makeup contain pure minerals from rock which is known to benefitt skin – a quality you won’t find in any other products.

The Loose Mineral Foundation contains very precious minerals from rock which are in an inorganic state and are not absorbed into the skin. If any other ingredient were added to the Loose Minerals (even if you think it is good for your skin), it would dilute the rock, negating the properties of the minerals proven benficial for the skin. In addition, the builit-in full spectrum natural sun block (UVA-UVB) lasts all day, does not clog the pores and has an incredible staying power. You can even workout or go swimming with it on and unless it’s washed off or wiped vigorously, these minerals will stay on all day without re-application. Yet, because they’re pure minerals from rock, they wash off with the most gentle cleanser and go back into the earth (environmentally friendly).


You’ll love the unique light refractive qualities that come from makeup made from precious Minerals extracted from rock. The Minerals immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Another major beneft you’ll love is that the four ingredients work synergistically to balance the moisture content in skin. Therefore, they are for every age and skin type. They do not contain any ingredient that either adds or takes away moisture; they just simply balance it and balance is the key to great awless skin. Know to effectively treat: acne, dryness, rosacea, melasma, eczema, psoriasis. Truly anti-aging, the integrity-efficacy is skincare that just happens to be a gorgeous cosmetic.
A lifestyle choice for a of us who want to nourish, heal, correct and protect our skin.


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