Seaweed Makes Everything Better

October 10, 2016
Marty Landau


The Become Organic Salon is unique among salons in that we aim to transform your body, not just beautify it. That’s why our Become line offers products made with the nourishing and healing benefits of seaweed.

Algae and seaweed are the foundation for each of of our products. For example, Become Peaceful body lotion includes porphyria red algae, which helps to soothe and smooth the texture of your skin. The Become Loved Up & Blissed Out body oil has laminaria algae, a nutrient-rich seaweed full of vital elements to promote your circulation and give you a healthy glow.

In the bigger picture, seaweed nutrients are being looked at to help in healing various medical conditions.

For tissue repair: for patients with cancer, undergoing radiation and chemo or post-surgery, and impact trauma patients (acute auto crashes, falls), use a broth of powdered brown algae. It’s recommended to mix 15 ml of unpasteurized 3-year-old barley miso paste with 5 gm of brown algae powder in about 300 ml of hot water, and apply it morning and evening. Japanese studies show very positive clinical success using seaweeds, especially brown algae, for preventative anti-tumor and anti-metastatic benefits.

Nervous Disorders: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), hyperactivity, insomnia, depression, hostility and schizophrenia are often markedly improved if not resolved by daily consumption of 3-5 gm of powdered kelp or laminaria, especially Bull Kelp. This is to treat basic long-term malnutrition, especially mineral deficiency.

Lung Function: Regular consumption of brown algae seems to aid respiratory function, improving lung capacity and efficiency. Hay fever and asthma are helped by 3-5 gm powdered kelp daily.

Cardiac Troubles: Regular consumption of kombu (laminaria) tends to result in lowered blood pressure due to plaque removal from arteries.

Breast Cancer: Regular dietary consumption of wakame and other brown algae may help to prevent breast cancer.

Antiviral: Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide (a natural bioactive compound) extracted from brown algae with hot water. It is a potent antiviral that can inhibit viruses like Herpes Simplex and shows strong antitumor activity against lung metastases. This molecule is perhaps the most important one in the therapeutic future for seaweeds. I hope that it will be given as whole seaweed powder rather than industrial extracts with their inevitable contaminants.

So you see why I am such a strong believer in the benefits of seaweed and why they have become the basic nutrients for the Become line of products.


(from the seaweed retreat in France)


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