Marty’s Organically Gorgeous Face Mask

September 12, 2016
Marty Landau


Every once in a while, Tallulah takes some time off and allows me to step in. I love to be able to empower you, so today I’m going to give you the recipe for making your own face mask. In your kitchen you probably have everything you need to make your own skin products.

You’ll notice in the recipe that I don’t give you exact measurements. Sometimes you’ll want to make this just for yourself. At other times, you might want to have a facial party with a bunch of friends. That’s why I’m giving the ingredients in parts, rather than in measured amounts.

The ingredients for this mask are: avocado, lemon juice, lemon zest, green clay, and cinnamon powder. You might not have green clay in your kitchen, and that’s okay. You can leave the green clay out. The avocado is a nourishing oil and an antioxident; lemon juice helps with skin elasticity; lemon zest helps to prevent skin cancer; and cinnamon powder plumps up your skin and makes you look younger!

There are no rules, except one: you should always add a natural anti-bacterial to stabilize whatever you’re making in your kitchen. That means adding a few drops of lavender, tea tree, or rosemary.

Mix it all together in a bowl. Before you put it on, remember to exfoliate your skin with a wash cloth. When you put the mask on your face, it will feed your body. It’s good for all skin types, and you’ll love the way your face feels afterwards.

Here is the recipe.



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