Let’s talk makeup

September 27, 2016
Marty Landau

powder-2Everything you put on your skin affects your body. So let’s talk about makeup.

I did all my training in Paris, so when I first came to Hippocrates, I said to Anna, “I need a makeup line.” She told me Hippocrates already had The Loose Mineral line. I didn’t want a mineral line. “Well, try it first,” she said, “and if you don’t like it, let me know.”

So a rep for the company came and spent a day with me. I started using it, and I loved it.

Here’s what I love about it: it was created by a cosmetic surgeon. He would do invasive work, the patient would go home and after a few days she’d want to go out to lunch or dinner, so she would put makeup on. Even though the makeup was organic, a few days later she’d start getting infected by bacteria that was getting into her body from the makeup. You don’t need makeup in your body; it’s supposed to be a barrier to keep things out.

This powder was actually their first product. It goes on as a powder and after an hour it turns into a liquid on your skin. Every mineral line I had ever tried in the past was drying; it would sit right in the creases where I didn’t want it to be.

But why was that? It turned out to be the fault of the fillers—the other ingredients that are in standard-type powders, even in top lines.

Have you ever cooked with corn starch? What does it do? It absorbs moisture. That’s one of the fillers. It’s not only sitting on your skin and making you look older, it’s actually drying you out, dehydrating you.

But you know what, this powder has SPF 20 sun protection and it’s also waterproof. I could do your makeup today, and you could go jump in the pool and your makeup would not run, it would not go anywhere (except, of course, for mascara).

Isn’t that amazing? I mean, I’m amazed all the time, even when I use it this many years later. It covers great and stays where you put it. I used to do makeup for a lot of brides. In Florida, brides have to look great all day long, even when they’re sweating in the sun. And many of them go to the ocean to take wedding photos there. If you’re not wearing makeup that’s not moving, it’s a disaster.

This powder comes in every possible color and can provide coverage to all skin types and colors. This is your barrier. This is what’s protecting your skin from anything  outside. If you live in a city, you have tons of free radicals bombarding you. You have tons of metals that are in the air that you don’t see, but that are going through your skin, too. So the powder protects you from all that, and from harmful UV rays.

The Loose Mineral Foundation is made of absolutely nothing but pulverized mineral rock. If you’ve ever been out west and seen the rocks, you know they are all different colors. That’s because of the mineral iron in the rock. To become a powder, the rock is pulverized by a jet engine, three times. The powder is so fine and light that you don’t feel like you’ve got anyone on. It lasts forever, there is no expiration date because there’s nothing in the powder but rock.

You may wonder how it could have SPF protection and be waterproof with no chemicals or additives.

Here’s how: it’s completely mineral, completely rock. Whenever fillers are added, you lose that SPF and waterproofing. Here’s a good example: you go to a burn unit in the hospital and what do they use on burn patients? They’re using zinc oxide. That’s part of the rock. That’s natural. It allows the skin to breathe, but it also helps to protect.

Believe me, it amazes to me that it’s as good as it is. But The Loose Mineral Foundation is! To learn more, go to: http://becomeorganicsalon.com/services/makeup-application-lessons/.


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