Let’s talk about hair color

October 18, 2016
Marty Landau

img_2326Let’s talk about something that’s dear to every woman (and some men as well): hair coloring . . . and health.

As you well know, once that gray starts showing, it’s off to the salon you go. Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, and the length of the growing phase shortens as you age (figures, doesn’t it?). This usually means getting your hair “done” every four to six weeks. Over the years, over the decades, that’s a lot of coloring to put on your head and into your body.

See, the problem is that we absorb more toxins through beauty products than we do through conventional food. In the beauty industry, most of the colors out there have ammonia in them, or a very high level of hydrogen peroxide, and that’s what is damaging for your body as well as your hair.

If you looked at a strand of hair underneath a microscope, you would see the hair cuticle, which is the outermost part of the hair shaft. It is made from overlapping dead cells that form scales to protect the hair and make it stronger. Once you put ammonia or a high level of hydrogen peroxide on the hair, it blows out the scales of the cuticle and leaves it wide open, which leaves the hair vulnerable to damage. Those toxins allow the natural pigmentation to fall out so the chemical pigmentation can get deposited. That how color happens wth a conventional product.

Here at the Become Organic Salon, we use Herbe Colours, the first organically-based permanent hair color gel. It covers gray hair with no ammonia, it uses food-grade hydrogen peroxide (like that used in mouthwash), it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients, and it has never been tested on animals.

Herbe Colour is made in Italy in a small village outside of Rome. The creator was in the pharmaceutical industry and he wanted to make a natural product that women could do themselves, so he first created Herbatint, a retail line that could be bought in a pharmacy and applied without chemicals.

Colour Herbe is different in that Herbatinit colors are already mixed, so you buy the color closest to the one you want and hope it works as you would like. Colour Herbe, on the other hand, is used by professional colorists that use the color wheel, blending the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue to get the perfect combination for your hair so it looks natural, shiny, and reflective.

Best of all, rather than taking a bath every month in chemicals, you’re feeding your hair and body with organic plants and food grade peroxide.




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