Getting rid of toxicity with seaweed

November 15, 2016
Marty Landau

We take three or four different seaweeds and make an extract under pressure that comes out a bit like miso soup. It’s kind of a gelatinous mass of organic matter. Fifty percent of all seaweed is a polysaccharide—a complex sugar. Simple sugar, like sugar from sugar cane, can’t be broken down in your body and converted into energy if you do not possess the enzymes that can break it down.

On the other hand, when you eat seaweed, its high PH of 10 will normalize the PH of your gastro-intestinal tract. This is very important because most Americans suffer from acidosis—too much acidity in the blood plasma. Seaweed, by adjusting the PH, normalizing it, is going to chelate out toxic metals that are circulating in your bloodstream, like lead and mercury, and the toxins will be eliminated in your stools.

Why is this important? Think about radioactive waste, like strontium-90, which is prevalent because of leaks from different nuclear reactors or accidents, like Three Mile Island or the way Fukushima is still leaking radioactivity. The released strontium goes up in the clouds, and when it rains the grass absorbs the strontium, the cows eat the grass, you drink your milk or eat dairy products or beef and the strontium goes into you. Strontium is in the same category as calcium: it gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and you store radioactive strontium-90 where you store calcium—in your bones. That is one of the biggest causes of bone cancer.

When your body is short of calcium, it goes to your bones to mine more calcium out. Your body can’t distinguish between calcium and strontium, and as it circulates, the seaweed chelates it out and purifies your blood. That’s well documented.

The polysaccharides in the seaweed line and coat the villi inside of the intestine. It’s a detoxifier. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. If you have problems with IBS, or if you have digestive disorders, it’s going to calm that down.

Seaweed is simply amazing, and so are the Become line of products made with seaweed!batz-1-2

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