Become Loved Up & Blissed Out Laminaria Body Oil

October 31, 2016
Marty Landau

Version 2

One way we use laminaria oil is on hair. It’s full of minerals—zinc and manganese and copper—but it is also very emollient, so it helps with frizz, or when the hair cuticles are open. You want your hair cuticles to be closed so the hair is smooth and shiny. All you do is put a little bit of the oil on your hands and run it through the ends of your hair and wherever you see a little bit of cuticle that’s lifted. It’s very very good and nourishing for the hair

It’s also amazing for the skin. We use it for dermatitis, for eczema, and for psoriasis. It’s one of the protocols here at Hippocrates: when you have psoriasis, you put the laminaria oil on your body every single day.

I take a bath every day and I love to put two droppersful of the laminaria oil in the water. (Become Loved Up & Blissed Out comes with a dropper). It’s kept my skin from being scaly and dry. It’s also really great for proactive people that have a tendency toward skin cancer because it nourishes the body with minerals and trace minerals that fight skin cancer. We use it out on the boat all the time because we’re out there in the wind and sun and salt. It’s gorgeous, but not for my skin. When I rinse off and put on the oil, I really feel “loved up & blissed out.”

People ask me all the time, “Well, how about coconut oil?” Coconut oil is good for protecting but technically doesn’t have any real nourishment value to it, whereas this product is actually going into the skin and feeding you minerals and trace minerals. Laminaria is a brown algae seaweed (you may know it as kelp), which has been known as a food since ancient times.

We recently had a great costume party (Cirque de Raw) at Hippocrates and a lot of people asked about Loved Up & Blissed Out Laminaria Body Oil, as well as the rest of the Become line of products that we carry at the Hippocrates Become Salon. I have to tell you, Tallulah had a ball!





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